Our Services

Formulation: Formulation of topical new drug, OTC pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Skin Pharmacodynamic Studies: In Vitro and In Vivo skin disposition studies including evaporation, deposition, percutaneous penetration, and metabolism analysis. Development of model systems for membrane transport and release studies. In Vivo studies performed in collaboration with Northview Biosciences, Inc.

Analytical Support:
Radiometric analysis of C-14, H-3 and S-35 isotopes by liquid scintillation counting; HPLC/flow detection or electronic imaging; HPLC and GC chemical analysis.

Specification Development: Quality control release specification development of raw materials and formulated products.

Manufacturing Process Development: Scale-up and manufacturing methods development for new products.

Stability Testing Protocols and Evaluation: Development of stability testing protocols and evaluation of testing results.

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